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Over the years Volkwein's Music has started thousands of young musicians. Our school rental program has allowed many children to discover music that might not otherwise have had the opportunity.

Accrued rental money* may be applied towards the purchase of a brand new student level band or orchestra instrument. To enhance your child's abilities, rental money* may also be applied towards specially priced intermediate or professional level instruments.  Volkwein's Music Instrument Rental Program is designed to provide music students with quality musical instruments for a modest initial investment. The non-refundable initial payment covers a four month trial rental period and our rental agreement processing costs. After the four month trial rental period, the parent will receive a monthly statement showing the amount due for continuing to rent the instrument.

Our rental program rewards the students that stay in music!  See why.



  What Should You Do Now?  Quick Links:

     Know Your Options
     Finished Renting?
     Conversion Worksheet 
     Credit Card Authorization Form
     Instrument Rental Agreement
     Secured Rental Agreement 
     Instrument Rental Agreement with Secured Rental Agreement 

How To Rent:

  Option 1: Online

    A. Click the button below to begin.
    B. Complete the online rental agreement.
    C. The instrument will be delivered to your child's school on the delivery date chosen by their music instructor.             

  Option 2: Mail

    A. Click here: Instrument Rental Agreement to view and print the rental agreement. 
    B. Mail your completely filled out rental agreement and check or credit card information to Volkwein's Music.
    C. The instrument will be delivered to your child's school on the delivery date chosen by their music instructor.

  Option 3: In-Store

    A. Stop by Volkwein's Music 
    B. Complete a rental agreement.
    C. Leave the store with your instrument.

Instrument Rates

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Flute   Clarinet Alto Saxophone Baritone Horn
Trumpet   Trombone Oboe French Horn
Drum Kit   Percussion Kit* Piccolo String Bass
Combo Percussion Kit*   Violin Cello


Initial Payment: $24.99
(covers four month trial period)

Monthly Payment: $20.00**
(begins after trial period)

Initial Payment: $64.99
(covers four month trial period)

Monthly Payment: $40.00
(begins after trial period)

Initial Payment: $104.99
(covers four month trial period)

Monthly Payment: $60.00
(begins after trial period)

*The purchase price of Mallet Percussion Instruments may be met prior to the 36 month accrual period. Any rental payments made beyond that amount will not be refunded and will be considered rent paid for the use of the instrument. It is the responsibility of the customer to make the purchase decision regarding this item within a time frame that may prevent them from making rental payments in excess of the cost of a new Mallet Percussion Instrument. Information regarding these prices are available by contacting Volkwein’s Music via phone or e-mail.

**The monthly payment for a Viola rental is $23.00, unlike all other group 1 instruments.