Headhunters Percussion "Tublitz" Specialty Stick
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Headhunters Percussion "Tublitz" Specialty Stick

  • $ 13.00

Length: 16”
Diameter: 5/8”
Tublitz are available in one model, the Tublitz are based on a 5B hickory platform. A 2” long 3/8” diameter polycarbonate tube is pressure fitted over the tip area of the 5B. The tube will not come off! Tubing is placed over the transition area that produces a slick looking drumstick. The tube has a natural flex and forces the drum stick to bounce much quicker than a regular drum stick. The tube produces a natural volume level which is less than that of a drumstick and has a wonderful dark cymbal tone. The bounce is much faster than a comparable drum stick and there is very little resistance or friction so it is very easy to execute buzz rolls and maintain a very soft a low volume dynamic.